Research Day 2014



On Friday, March 14, 2014, the Idaho State University Division of Health Sciences held their 2014 Research Day Symposium, featuring keynote speakers, faculty presentations, student platforms, and a poster presentation.  Several of the student researchers presented their posters at the poster session.  The students described their research, their findings, and the importance of their findings to attendees.




Hailey Research Day 2      Hailey Research Day 1

Hailey Krieger presenting her poster, The effect of audiovisual delays with synchronous and dyssynchronous presentation on stuttering frequency.


Christian Research Day 2       Christian Research Day 1

Christian Keil presenting his poster, The effects of pantomime speech & silent reading in varied syllable positions throughout a phrase on stuttering frequency.


Gina Research Day

Gina Pretzer presenting her poster, Reactions to typical and disordered speech.